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Enhance Your Film Productions with Advanced Face Replacement Technology

PAGI Gen is a cutting-edge on-premise software designed to craft remarkably convincing synthetic content for your film production.

  • Temporal Consistency

    Our specially crafted models eliminate flickering like issues in the temporal domain.

  • High Resolution

    No resolution limitations, as long as you have sufficient graphics memory. A minimum of 24 GB VRAM is required to train this model at Full HD resolution. 10-bit color depth support.

  • Advanced Masking Options

    State-of-the-art generic masking models for faces, heads, and bodies.

  • Efficient Training

    Benefit from lightning-fast training times thanks to our optimized pipeline and pre-trained models.

  • Outstanding Light and Expression Transfer

    Experience unparalleled light transmittance and expression transfer with our revolutionary model architecture.

  • Overcome ID-Leaks

    Identity leakage is a common concern in face-swapping tools today. PAGI Gen has revolutionized the process to ensure that the final output truly resembles your intended target, not an impersonator.

  • Streamlined Workflow Integration

    Thanks to it is CLI, PAGI Gen seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow, saving you time and effort during the content creation process.

  • End-to-End Dataset Builder

    Easily select your target from multiple faces in various media formats. Automatically filter by expressions, head poses, and sharpness.

  • Real-time Ready

    Build the next-gen meeting app with the power of GenAI! PAGI Real-time SDK allows you to train multiple targets within a single model and switch between them seamlessly on the fly. This means you can serve them in real-time through your apps.

Who we are?

The research and development behind PAGI Gen were conducted by Zemana over three years, starting in 2019, with substantial resources. As of 2022, we continue our pioneering research under the banner of Deepware A.S.

PAGI is loved by experts worldwide

They saw the power of PAGI and said so.

  • AI will make you question the validity of everything. Incredible example [...].

    AI Breakfast
    AI BreakfastAI Journalist
  • I can't tell the difference, to me (this video of me) it looks like me.

    Mikko Hypponen
    Mikko HypponenChief Research Officer at WithSecure. Principal Research Advisor at F-Secure.
  • An amazing example of what AI is capable of, and just the beginning‚Ķ
    Portals.coTechnology Company


Check out our blog for the latest news and updates.

  • Unveiling PAGI Gen v1

    PAGI Gen is an img2img video framework. It makes possible for indie VFX artists to produce content of Hollywood quality using the GPUs at their disposal.

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Want to play with it?

System Requierements

  • Minimum 6GB VRAM CUDA-based graphics card
  • Minimum 100GB of Hard Disk Space
  • Minimum 8GB RAM
  • Minimum Intel i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 processor
  • Internet connection required for license activation
  • Windows 10+ Operating System


We take responsible use of our software seriously and have implemented measures to safeguard its ethical use.

  • Adult Content detection

    PAGI Gen does not allow the training of adult content by scanning datasets.

  • Invisible Watermarks

    PAGI Gen adds invisible watermarks to the outputs, ensuring they are recognized as machine-generated. Contact for the detection module.

  • Deepware Detection Tool

    Scan suspicious videos for free with our scanner.

Find a plan to power your business

Community Edition

For new independent creators

  • HD resolution
  • No internet connection**
  • Blending Tool
  • Dataset Builder
  • Visible Watermark
Professional Edition

Built for studios

  • Full HD resolution
  • No internet connection**
  • Blending Tool
  • Dataset Builder
  • Alpha matting export
  • 6 hours of consulting
Premium Edition
Contact Us

Hollywood's indispensable

  • 4K resolution
  • No internet connection
  • Blending Tool
  • Dataset Builder
  • Alpha matting export
  • Consulting by developers
  • Server Support
  • Multi-GPU Training
  • Real-time SDK
  • Voice-swap (Alpha)
  • 10 bit color depth
  • Access to private datasets
  • Priority feature request consideration

**Internet connection is only required for license activation.

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