Our passion is to create Hollywood grade face replacements.

The movie industry has been using 3D models for years to play historical figures, deceased actors, younger versions of older actors.

3D modelling and animation is a manual job, and it is very labor intensive. It also takes a very long time to make even a few seconds of video. Additionally, 3D face animation is not realistic enough since humans are very good at detecting minor problems in face expressions.


The AI algorithm learns the faces and expressions from the data we provide and generates new faces almost identical in terms of quality and realism. This is a huge advantage over 3D modelling.


Deepfake technology lets us create photo-realistic head and face replacements relatively easily.


The computer does most of the job as long as we provide high-quality data which are videos and pictures of the target person. Since it requires little human intervention, it can be scaled very easily.


Existing face replacement tools are limited to low resolution videos that are not suitable for movies and other professional media.


We've been working on synthetic media generation for over two years. We have overcome many challenges of generating high-resolution face replacements along the way, and we built flexible and fully automated tools.