Our Journey

PAGI is a software company founded in the last quarter of 2021 by a team of researchers and entrepreneurs.

Our company was founded with a simple mission: advance face replacement technology to be used in Hollywood- grade productions while automating the process end to end.

AI research advance very fast and there are hundreds of new research every month specifically on computer vision. A few examples of the research topics are.

  • Image/video repair

  • Super-resolution

  • Image/Video Colorization

  • Rotoscoping

Since this research are cutting edge and aim to provide proof of concept only, implementing them in production quality is a very challenging task. Therefore, it takes a long time to see these advances in the Visual effects industry.

Our long-term vision is being a bridge between the research and the industry to accelerate adaption of these cutting-edge technologies through our tools.


The day we decided to found our company :)